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Comodo Positive SSL - 1 year
The Comodo Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate which is fast and of a high quality. It is a 256-bit certificate and has great browser compatibility. It is possible to get it working within just three minutes and quick and easy to set up.
Vendor price: $49.00
$14.99 USD One Time

Comodo Essential SSL - 1 year
The Comodo Essential SSL is a cheap certificate that is very easy to install on your website. The certificate is 256-bit and has complete compatibility with browsers. It will be with five minutes after you have paid for it and so is very quick to acquire as well.
Vendor price: $79.99
$17.99 USD One Time

iVhosting AutoSSL certificate
iVhosting AutoSSL certificate for all of your domains and subdomains for as long as you are our customer.
$21.99 USD One Time